Monday, March 4, 2013

Century Leadership Team (completed)

I've completed part of another Century Leadership Team of the 2nd Cohort.  Here a Centurion with cloak, an 8th Legion Vexillum standard bearer and an Optio are photographed.  This team will be organized around the second Century of the 2nd Cohort, 8th Legion.

Celtic Barbarians (started)

With the arrival of my two packages from England (Warlord UK -, I've begun to think about how I'm going to model the enemy facing off against the 2nd Cohort, 8th Legion and other attached Roman forces.  I'm focusing on the Gallic Celts of what is today, France and Belguim (then known as Gaul).  The Warlord figures are mostly the plastic variant of 28mm and seem nicely made.  And numerous metal minis are included.  Overall they seem well done as minis and will match well with my excellent Roman minis from Aventine UK.
Here I'm cleaning the "flash" off of the minis and preparing them for primer.  Wasn't too bad overall; and much better than Foundry minis I've purchased which require a lot of cleaning and sanding.
These minis are two packs Warlord's Celtic "Line Breakers".  These figures represent the Berserker style of fighting common with Celts as they grow frustrated with the Roman army Shield Wall and attempt to break it through their brave leaping chargers.
A few of the Warlord figures are naked and I don't want naked enemy minis (no matter how true to life it might have been).  So with some Squadron Green Putty I've made loincloths.  A few of the minis needed extra attention for attaching the heads to the bodies; using a gap-filling CA glue along with some Green Putty this was pretty easy.  And I really like the idea of some customization with the figures.  For primer selection, I purchased Army Painter's primer in Barbarian Flesh color.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Praetorian Guard (pair completed)

Finished a pair of Praetorian Guards.  They are based on a 30mmx40mm Litko 3mm base.

Here a few shots of finishing up the basing and the completed Army Painter "Strong Toned" dipping.