Saturday, January 19, 2013

Legate Painting

Painting the VIII Legion Legate is underway.  I really like this figure; working on the two-toned helmet using P3's Brass Balls and Quick Silver.  The breastplate and a greaves are Quick Silver also.  He wears a leather tunic under his breastplate and a white tunic of the nobility.
The board-strip of the upper class is started on Legate Felix's cloak.  I'll finish the white (base is P3 Monoth Base and then P3 Monoth White Highlight) on the cloak once the purple stripe  (P3 Beaten Purple) is good.

Of Note:  A Legate was an Imperial appointment to the Roman Army from the highest ranking Patrician (noble) classes.  Some Legates became great and famous military men (such as Vespasian who led the 2nd Augusta in Britain), while others were politicians with little military experience.  To assist the Legion's Legate commander, 6 Tribunes were assigned from the higher classes Citizens and these could or could not be men of good military experience (young nobleman seeking a seat in the Senate for example would serve as Tribunes for a period of 2 years).  These Tribunes would rotate duties such as Cohort command and as staff functionaries.  The true military knowledge and experience of the Legions of course lay with the Centurions, 60 in number and of varying rank.


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