Friday, November 2, 2012

54mm metal Roman Legion Centurion - paint method testing

A closeup of the armor dry-brushing process.  I used multiple layers of P3 Pig Iron (base), Cold Steel and then Quick Silver to highlight.

A closeup of the painting prior to the "dipping" into Army Painter's Strong Tone dip.  I sprayed the figure with clear Poly varnish beforehand to seal it.

Here is the beginning of the basing process. I will have some minor touch-ups to do and then I will matte varnish the entire figure and base.

I began painting my metal 54mm Centurion I recently purchased off eBay  I figured this would give me a chance to practice and shake the rust off my painting technique and figure out the best techniques overall for the 28mm minis.  After priming with P3 Black Primer, I began dry brushing P3 Pig Iron and Quick Silver on to the figure's armor.

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