Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Package arrived from England!

I opened the first package of soldiers.  Aventine's UD-44 16x standing soldiers with Pilums.  As you can see some assembly will be required. Thinking Loctite gel super glue will work. First, I'll wash the figures with warm water and Dawn.  Next will be removing any "flash" from the molding process.  Although, I have to say Aventine has very little "flash" cleaning required - which I think is really great.

I intend on priming the figures with Pirate Press's P3 Black Primer.  Armor painted first, then Flesh will go on next. Then red for garments and silver highlights for the armor. The plan is to use primarily P3's line of great acrylics. The shields I will prime with white (with cheap Krylon white primer) - then paint the backs a wooden brown and then apply the shield decals and paint the rim and boss. I intend to also wash "dip" them in Army Painter's Strong Tone Dip Wash once painted and sealed. Finish with matt varnish.

A summary of my planned painting process: Step 1. Prime, Step 2. Paint, Step 3. Intial Deep Paint Wash & Dry brushing, Step 4. Gloss Poly Coat, Step 5. Army Painter Dip, Step 6. Dry brush highlights/Touchups, Step 7. Base minis and then Matte Poly Varnish

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