Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Work Area

A few pictures of my work area.  I normally have several minis going at the same time.  I like this method in order to allow for each layer of paint to dry on the various men I have going.
Of Note:  About my selected enemy there is some easy confusion between the Gallic Celts (i.e. Gauls) of Western Europe and the Gaels (also known as Celtic peoples) of Briton Isle... Gallia/Gallic (Gaul) is the ancient Latin word for Western Europe and the Celtic peoples who occupied most of Western Europe (primarily the area that is Belgium, Normandy region and France today).  Gaels (Goidelic Celts) is an early Briton word which roughly means "Savages" and refers to most of the Celts of the Briton Isle.  But there are many similarities between all Celts; Gallic (Gauls) and Gaels, the differences were mainly language and some customs.

Interestingly, the Romans called all the unconquered (and conquered) peoples/tribes of Europe, "Celts."  The word "Celt" meant "Stranger" in Latin.  Even people of northern Italy were called Celtic during the early stages of the Roman Republic; i.e. Milan is originally a Celtic name.  It is very hard to know exactly where any of these ancient groups came from, but the word "Celt" orginially came from the Greek word "Keltoi" meaning Barbarian and they as well as the Romans, put this name on anybody that was uncivilized and living outside of the Empire... so the name "Celt" was placed onto a lot of different groups/tribes of people.  In Irish, Gaelic is interchangeable with Celtic/Celt.  Hence the easy confusion between the different peoples called Gallic and Gaelic, the former refers to Western Europe and the latter refers to those of the Briton Isle.

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