Saturday, January 19, 2013

Various Minis Underway


Lots of different stages on some minis.  A Centurion in progress; as well as the Cohort's Roman gods and Legion's award Signum Signifer (w/bear pelt... a lion pelt is generally worn only by the Aquilifer, Signifer or Vexillarius of the Legion.  Bear and wolf pelts were worn by the standard bearers of Century and Cohort units), a Lictor, a Vexillarius standard bearer (w/SPQR Vexillum "flag") wearing a Sagum (cloak)a cavalry soldier in early painting stages, and an almost completed cavalry soldier base.
Basing a 4 Pilum soldier arrangement on a 30mmx60mm Litko rectangle base.

Of Note:  A typical soldier of the Roman army was outfitted with a Pilum (a javelin that would either kill/wound or bend upon impact with a shield as intended so it was rendered useless for an enemy to throw it back).  A Gladius; a short double edged sword for cutting and stabbing.  A Pugio; a short dagger with a wide and flat blade.  A Galea; an iron or brass helmet of which the design varied greatly across the Legions (my post Augustus period Cohort wears the "H" variant).  Lorica Segmenta, Hamata or Squamata; armor (segmented plate, mail or scale depending on the unit and time period).  A Scutum; a large, mostly rectangular shield made of layered wood with a metal boss in the middle for hand protection and offensive use.  Approximate shapes and color schemes varied across the Legions and over time.

One of the principles of the Marian reforms was that a soldier was expected to carry his personal equipment with him when marching, thus reducing the size of the baggage train of the Legion while also decreasing it's transit time between locations. As such, each marching soldier also carried a Sarcina pack, containing generally brass cooking and eating utensils, a water skin, 14 days rations, his Sagum (cloak) and a further satchel for carrying personal effects.  This would be carried via a T or Y shaped wooden yoke and the shield would be attached over their backs.

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