Saturday, December 1, 2012

Basing the first batch of Pilum men

I am using a product called Smart Non-shrink Wall Fix, it is a very low-order, low mess interior wall spackling. I love this product. It goes on easily and dries fast.  I attached the figures to the bases using a Loctite product called GO2.  It is far superior to the 2-part epoxy I was using.  The epoxy was messy and the mix was never right - so some would dry pretty fast while other bases would dry much slower.

The bases are P3's Warmachine Brand, 30mm circular bases (slotted).  I really think they are top-of-the-line bases.  I tried a few others and I really liked these.  They are lipped - which is nice to have that clean line of separation for the spackling.  The slots help because the minis have some modeling flash left on the bottom that "groves" nicely into the slots.

The next batch of Pilum men starting with the armor dry-brushing. P3 Pig Iron, Cold Steel and Quick Silver paints are used in a layered method.  Once dry, I apply the flesh tones - using the 3x P3 paints I've selected for flesh. Once most of the painting is completed - I paint the "business end" of the Pilums with Vallejo's Model Air Metallic - Steel.  These are very nice metallic paints - I recommend them.

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