Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Cavalry has Arrived!

The Equites (Cavalry) arrived from the UK today (it took almost 17 days for them to arrive from across the ocean, I'm guessing due to the holidays).  Immediately upon inspection, I notice that once again Aventine makes remarkable minis!  There are no flaws, very little to no "flash" and the horses look truly amazing!  I cannot wait to begin painting and assembling them.

I have 18 riders total for now.  A command team of 3 and 15 regular riders.  These will serve as my scouts and dispatch riders from 8th Legion HQ to the 2nd Cohort.  

Additionally my package from Foundry arrived from the UK.  It was the Roman Scorpio Crew with 3 weapons.  Sadly, the minis are no where close to being the quality I've come to enjoy from Aventine.  The arms on the weapons are sheered off or bent to the point of non-use.  The crew minis are so full of flash some of the heads are literally attached to their arms.  I am contacting Foundry to discuss options.
Update (7 Jan 2013): Alex at Foundry is shipping freshly molded weapons.  I will post a new pic once they arrive.

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