Monday, December 10, 2012

The Signifer

About to add the earth material to the base for the Signifier (the Century's Standard Bearer).  The spackling has dried and Woodland Scenic's Glue as been applied about 50-50 with water mix.  I just "paint" glue on with an old brush.  Then I place the mini into the container and just ensure an even spread of the fine grit.  Then I turn the mini over and just tap the bottom of the base a few times.

Once I brush off the extra static grass, it will be ready to be matte varnished and its finished!  I really like this figure a lot.  The bear skin pelt I base painted with P3's Battlefield Brown. Then darker washed it with P3's Umbral Umber (with a water and P3 Paint Medium mix) and then highlight the raised areas with P3's Bloodtracker Brown.  I ensured the ears got a good highlighting and the nose stayed black from the primer coat.

Of Note:  The Signifer mini is holding the Roman Signum Standard.  This type of standard is just as widely recognized as an icon of Ancient Rome as the Legion's Aquila (Eagle).  Each Signum was unique to its Century and was composed of a number of Philarae (disks), along with a number of other elements mounted on a pole, topped with a "Manus" (human hand) image (this reminded Legion soldiers of their oaths).  The Manus standard designated the "Prior" (first) Century of a two-century Maniple formation; while the spear top indicated the "Posterior" or second century of the Maniple.  When the Cohort system replaced Maniples during the Roman Empire, the Manus standard continued to be displayed within Imperial Legions.  It is unclear what the phalerea disks actually represented, but it is thought to represent the Century units within the Cohort.

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