Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday = Basing day?

Today I'm focusing on basing and finishing up my various 8th Legion leadership teams.  On the far left is my Tribune and his Signum Signifer standard bearer.  In the center is my Legate and his team; Aquilifer, Cornicen, the Legate Lucius Felix, and the Augusta Legion Signum Signifer.  On the far right is my General, General Castro Apollo, and his two Lictors holding their axes, called Fasces.  In the photos, is the spackle product I use called "Smart Wall Fix"; sold at most home improvement stores.  I like it primarily because it dries fast, hardens well and has no odor.  For the General's base I used a 30mmx60mm Likto rectangle base.  I've applied his "eyes", but need to also paint eyes on to the Lictors (as well as the rest of the minis on the leadership teams).
For Legate Lucius Felix's base I used a large 60mmx80mm base as I wanted this to be a "mini-diorama" scene.  The Legate is shouting out his orders and the Cornicen is relaying them to the Cohort.  The Legion's Eagle is held by the Aquilifer stoutly providing a boost of confidence to the army.  And the Legion's standard is held high for all to see the honors of the Augusta Legion.
The figures here are not Army Painter Dip "dipped" yet (minus the Aquilifer).  I've finished up the paint and gloss poly varnished them so far.  I wanted to get the bases started and then I'll dip them all in one application and do some little highlight paint touches.  This is my first go at this using this method, so I'll see if I like it better than doing each mini individually.
For my Tribune base, I've placed Tribune Optimus Buccina, and his Signum standard bearer together.  For my 2nd Cohort 8th Legion battlefield, Tribune Buccina is the currently rotated leader of the Cohort from the Legate's staff.  He is armed with a Pilum as he smartly understands the Celt's they face today outnumber the Romans greatly and he'll join in the fighting and is not afraid.  These minis are also not "dipped" yet.  I will do that once the spackle dries.  Then finish them all with ground cover and then apply the final matte varnish spray coat.