Sunday, February 17, 2013

Works in Progress!

I travel a lot for work, so I have several unfinished minis in progress at the moment.  I plan on finishing them up in the next day or two and then basing them.  In progress, I have a cavalry Bucinator (bugler) and rider; a Signum standard bearer for the 2nd Cohort; three Batavian Auxilia soldiers w/Pilum (one in chain mail and two in scale mail); a VIII Legion Vexillum bearer; a Cohort-level Cornicen; and  two Praetorian Guard soldiers.  
As you can see in the photos, my painting style tends to favor the main colors being painted on in 'blocks' first, then I go back and work my way through with the details.  Somewhere around this point I attach the shields (I have large batches of primed and wood painted shields ready, as you can see behind the horse soldiers) and paint/add transfer decals on them attached to the figure.  Then I go back through and do all the small touch ups and then they are ready for gloss poly sealing.